After Hans-Peter Feldmann in 2014, Thomas Bayrle in 2015, and Jonathan Monk in 2016, and in continued collaboration with project curator Michael Staab in 2017, Lab’Bel has invited Belgian visual artist Wim Delvoye to design its fourth Collector’s Edition Box. Internationally renowned artist Wim Delvoye was born in Wervik, Belgium in 1965. He lives and works in Brighton and is represented by the Galerie Perrotin (Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo). Delvoye’s work combines history and art, Flemish tradition and industry in a fashion that is both unsettling and alluring in its inventive richness and indifference to

cultural norms. In his juggling of science and popular culture, Wim Delvoye mixes impertinence with formal research through artistic creations that parody both artisanal savoir-faire and scientific research. The Laughing Cow® Collector’s Edition Box #4 is itself a piece of art – a collector’s item. In addition, Wim Delvoye has designed 20 collectable stickers for the contents of the box, each featuring images and motifs in the best tradition of the brand since the first The Laughing Cow® scrapbooks appeared in the 1930s. Each Collector’s Edition Box contains a random assortment of stickers which can be collected and gathered in an album (available at the site of sale or at the Lab’Bel website below).


After FIAC, art lovers and collectors will be able to directly acquire the Wim Delvoye Collector’s Edition Box for just 5 euros (+ shipping costs) at the following website: While supplies last.

The Collector Box at Fiac

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