Metaphoria III

Group Show
Le 104, Paris

Nina Beier, Adriano Costa, Rui Costa, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Kenneth Goldsmith, David Horvitz, Ana Jotta, Jeremy Millar, Pepo Salazar, Karin Sander.

6 October - 11 November 2018

Metaphoria III is the third edition of a series of travelling exhibitions in Europe, which envisions contemporary art as a research platform: a dialogue between the visual arts and poetry, using the metaphor as its medium. Here, we are using the metaphor in the literal sense, as contemporary Greeks understand it: a means of transport. After Portugal and Greece, Metaphoria comes to France.

This group exhibition features new extended artworks by artists, Jeremy Millar and Pepo Salazar, as well as works by Nina Beier, Adriano Costa, Rui Costa, David Horvitz, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ana Jotta, and Karin Sander. Actors, musicians and poets will also be invited at the week-ends to participate in the event.  An archive of the journey and the artists, poets and musicians of the previous editions will also be presented. The ensemble of this creative project has been curated by Silvia Guerra, based on a work by Portuguese poet Rui Costa. The theme developed here takes its inspiration from his unpublished novel, The Dialogues of Adam and Eve.

Poetry and myths willingly lend themselves like a movement that brings together multiple temporalities, where ancient and recent history undergo a concertinaing effect. They allow us to explore our ways of living together, of building a shared space, ‘two lived-in rooms’ where ideas can germinate. It’s not about analysing or producing a discourse on Europe, art and/or language, but instead of condensing mental images within the framework of an exhibition.

An exhibition as a space of questioning: today, what do you want to do with art? Where do you store your memory–in books, hard disks? What part of its weight do we want to carry?

An exhibition like a journey or a house that we all live in together. Everything is contained within this new place with its landscape and context; an archaeology museum in one of the European Capitals of Culture in northern Portugal; the last floor of an abandoned building in the red light district of Athens, as part of the ReMap Biennale, and Le 104 in Paris, which for over 120 years was the municipal funeral home. The first hall, on the Rue d’Aubervilliers, was used for the fabrication of coffins. This is where Metaphoria III will take place.

Metaphoria III carries in itself its own history, the memory of the poet who passed away during the inception phase, and the hope of a new world where we will all desire to live together, like Adam and Eve, but without the serpent.

Silvia Guerra