Installation, ink on DIN A4 paper, 210 × 297 mm
Work acquired in 2019


Born 1968 in Pakistan, a graduate from Goldsmiths College of London, Ceal Floyer currently lives and works in Berlin. She is represented by the following galleries: Lisson Gallery (London), Esther Schipper (Berlin) and 303 Gallery (New York).

If Ceal Floyer’s works take varied forms – sound pieces, drawings, found objects, sculptures – they are all characterized by a deliberate economy of means and an obvious sobriety. Rooted in simple and everyday situations and images, they seem to constantly open up to a place that is beyond the appearance and to suggest the existence of an elsewhere. Therefore, a chink of light under a door (Door, 1995) hints at the presence of a hidden dimension. The visitor discovers, by drawing closer to the installation that this effect is created by a slide projector placed at ground level behind the door. The apparatus is not carefully concealed and the keys of the illusion are revealed to the spectator. The artist revisits, with humour, the history of Minimal and Conceptual Art and retains a sense of the void, an attention for the essence of things as well as the importance of language and a pronounced taste for reflexivity.

Mousehole consists of a sheet of A4 paper with a picture of a mouse hole printed on it. Placed on the ground, against a wall, this sheet imitates the type of hole that could have been dug by a rodent. As is often the case in Ceal Floyer’s work, this piece makes use of a great economy of means, evoking an intruder whose possible intervention in the exhibition space contains a surprisingly humorous charge.