Michel Blazy
Born in 1966 at Monaco, graduated from Villa Arson in Nice (France).
Michel Blazy leaves and works at the Ile-Saint-Denis (France).
He is represented by Galerie Art Concept in Paris (France).

Michel Blazy works with materials from the everyday life, food in particular, that he transforms in an unexpected way, with precise gestures, as a chemist in his laboratory or a cook mixing various ingredients to make a dish.
In his studio, from what he can find, the artist sets and observes the transformation processes evolving through time and leading to the development of various phenomenons from two types: growth and putrefaction. Each time, Michel Blazy orchestrates a new creative protocol. Chance and delegation of realization are at the center of his work. For them to be sold, the artworks are formalized into recipes that the owner can make himself to observe these evolutions.

Galet Mou, 2011
Sculpture (Bonbons Kréma)
20 x 60 cm
Unique Piece
Acquisition in 2011

The ‘Galet Mou’ was made with a great quantity of ‘Krema’ candies. Its realization requires a series of steps. First, about ten candies are warmed up in a microwave, then mold to form a compact bowl. Repeted several times, this process ends when the artist obtains a pebble form that is polished in the end. The result looks like a marbled sculpture, with a graved pattern. The contrast is obvious between the preciosity of the pattern and the modest origin of the material.