Jan Vercruysse
B. 1948 in Belgium. Jan Vercruysse currently lives and works in Western Europe. He is represented by the Galerie Xavier Hukfens (Brussels).

The works of Jan Vercruysse abound with references to the tradition of western art and demand very close observation. Compositions with continually shifting visual elements, repetitions, shifts and transformations often delude or dupe the viewer. Therefore, by playing with the composition, Vercruysse creates a refined visual rhythm in which meaning moves relentlessly. His varied works allude to several artistic domains through their multiple aspects; such as portraiture, still life, Pygmalion or Lucretia. The absence of all identifiable content, at first glance, constitutes an enigma for the spectator who needs to distance him/herself and reflect in order to understand the references and to allow them to mature in his/her mind.

Grande Camera Oscura (Menina I), 2002
Cibachrome and UV plexiglass frame
60 x 115 x 3 cm
Unique piece
Acquisition in 2010

Grande Camera Oscura (Menina I) is one of a series of works created using the principle of the camera obscura. This diptych portrays the same subject, sometimes standing, sometimes upside down. Each work deliberately plays with the photographic process by offering a literal illustration of the principle of reversing the image created on the photosensitive surface of the optical apparatus.