HD video, color, sound, 14’59”
Work acquired in 2019


Julien Prévieux was born in Grenoble in 1974. Regularly exhibited in art centres, galleries and museums both in France and overseas, he was the recipient of the Marcel Duchamp Art Prize in 2014.

The economy, politics, cutting-edge technology and the cultural industry are the “spheres” that Julien Prévieux examines in his artistic practice.

The film Where Is My (Deep) Mind? is a sequel to the performance of balls, books and hats presented for the first time in Marseille, at the Friche La Belle de Mai, in September 2018, as a side project to the artist’s solo exhibition Mordre la Machine. Here, the artist explores machine learning, which is part of what he refers to as the “smartification of the world”.

Four dancers/actors propose experiments linked to these systems. At once the experimenters and the subjects of the different experiments, they interpret a range of learning processes ranging from the recognition of sports movements to negotiating buying and selling techniques. In this strange laboratory, the bodies are mechanical and childlike as if they had only a vague awareness of the rules of physics and social codes. The gestures become burlesque and the verbal exchanges grotesque.

Where Is My (Deep) Mind? was produced as part of the Geste exhibition, produced by Lab’Bel in collaboration with the cneai =, for the Magasins généraux in Pantin, between 2 February and 31 March 2019. It was selected by the patronage commission of the Fondation des Artistes, which supported the project. It also received support from the Département of Seine-Saint-Denis, Lab’Bel and General Pop.