Martin Arnold, recent works

  • Nuit Blanche, Metz
  • “Cercle des Officiers”
  • 7, rue aux Ours.
  • Curated by: Laurent Fiévet with Nuit Blanche – Metz and the city of Metz.

Martin Arnold was born in Vienna in 1959. He lives and works in Vienna.

In his recent works, Martin Arnold revisits the iconic images of American cartoons. The films that he re-appropriates appear reworked in his works through processes of fragmentation, deconstruction, disarticulation and repetition that help create new levels of readings and registers of perception. These frenzied and playful montages, presented by Lab’Bel for the first time in France, constitute as many highly musical and choreographic proposals that nourish a critical reflection on the mode of production of animated films.

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