Things That Happen

John Wood & Paul Harrison
Bel headquarter, Suresnes (France), 16th- 20th December, 2019

Video screenings of John Wood& Paul Harrison’s video works at Bel’s Headquarters.


Things That Happen
Video Screening
John Wood & Paul Harrison
Auditorium Robert Fiévet
December 16 – 20, 1 – 2 PM

Born respectively in 1969 in Hong-Kong and 1966 in Great Britain, both John Wood and Paul Harrison are graduates from the Bath College of Higher Education and now live and work in the UK (in Bristol and Birmingham). Working together since 1993, John Wood and Paul Harrison are essentially creators of video performances, in which they often make an appearance. They have exhibited in Europe and the US and their works are part of prestigious collections such as the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Tate or the MoMA. The use of a static shot, minimal aesthetics, the staging of associations of everyday objects and low-tech visual tricks, their own physical presence in their work, the creation of derisory mini-actions whose result wavers between an out-and-out failure and a random success are the main characteristics of their artistic process.

More about Things That Happen

Monday December 16, 1 PM
26 (Drawing and Falling Things)
Figure1 and Figure2 interact in a series of 3-dimensional diagrams.
2001 / 21’59” / 4:3

Tuesday December 17, 1 PM

One hundred and one films.
One room.
One table.
One hundred and one objects.
2004 / 49’40” / 4:3

Wednesday December 18, 1 PM
The Only Other Point

The camera travels through twenty-four rooms.
There is a point.
There are twenty-four points.
There are over a thousand points.
2005 / 13’44” / 16:9

Night and Day 
Light on.
Light off.
2008 / 24’18” / 16:9

Thursday December 19, 1 PM

An office block.
100 floors.
10 colors.
1 person.
2011 / 15’37” / 16:9

Bored Astronauts on the Moon 
Two costumes.
Twenty-six bags of cement.
Two lights.
2011 / 20’ / 16:9 2011

Friday December 20, 1 PM  

Semi automatic painting machine
26 objects.
Semi industrial.
Semi professional.
Semi automatic.
2014 / 19’ / 16:9

Unrealistic Mountaineers
One mountain.
Two mountaineers.
Clouds.  2012 / 9’ / 16:9